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WARE, Samuel

Tracts on vaults and bridges containing observations on the various forms of vaults; on the taking down and rebuilding London Bridge; and on the principles of arches....Also containing the principles of pendent bridges, with reference to the properties of the catenary, applied to the Menai Bridge. And a theoretical investigation of the catenary.
London, Printed for Thomas and William Boone, 1822

Ware in this substantial work continues his studies into the structural properties of masonry arches, including bridges.

The first tract considers the behaviour of vaults (cylindrical, groined, pyramidal, ribbed etc) including domes, with examples drawn from great mediaeval buildings such as Ely Cathedral, the chapel of King's College Cambridge, Lincoln Cathedral, York Minster and so on.

The second tract is concerned with bridges, partly on the rebuilding of London bridge but also on the theory and design of masonry bridges in general. Here he uses such notable examples as Perronet's Neuilly bridge, Telford's Dunkeld bridge and Rennie's Waterloo bridge but also discusses iron and timber bridges, providing tables on the strength of materials and the moduli of fracture.

The third and longest tract here concerns Ware's design for a suspension bridge over the Menai Straits, originally submitted in 1811, shortly after Telford and Rennie had proposed long-span cast-iron arches. Ware attempts to show theoretically that Telford's design had insufficient strength and that his own design, of 500ft span with a very shallow catenary and with the deck sitting directly on the chains, was superior.


8vo. 3 parts in 1. xx + (vi )+ 73 + (1)pp, 14 folding engraved plates.; (ii) + 71pp (p.43 is a folding table numbered on one side only), 2 folding engraved plates; (ii) + 177 + (1)pp, 4 folding engraved plates. Publisher's quarter cloth, worn. Skempton No.1756. Presentation inscription from the Author.



Catalogue No: 2358