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The Elton Engineering Books logo is an engraving of Thomas Telford’s Craigellachie Bridge in Scotland.

The bridge was built in 1812-14 as part of the government’s ambitious project to open up the Highlands by building a network of roads and bridges for which Telford was the engineer. Many of the bridges were of cast iron, a material of which Telford was a master.

Craigellachie, with its single span of 150 feet, is the earliest surviving example of a bridge made using Telford’s innovative form of spandrel with elegant diagonal bracing.

Engraving of Craigellachie Bridge

The engraving comes from an illustration in the 1821 Ninth Report of the Commissioners for Roads and Bridges in the Highlands of Scotland.

Visit the Undiscovered Scotland website,, for a photograph of the bridge as it is today.