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Commercial. No.6 (1875). Correspondence respecting the proposed Channel Tunnel and railway.
London, Houses of Parliament, 1875

In 1868, an Anglo-French Channel Tunnel Committee was established, leading to the setting up of the British Channel Tunnel Company in 1872, followed by a French commission. At long last the building of the Tunnel looked as if it might happen. At that point the governments of both countries began to take the scheme seriously and between 1874 and 1875, when the British company obtained its act, a copious flow of correspondence, exchange of views, and details about proposed preliminary works passed between London and Paris.

This volume contains all that correspondence, together with profiles of the Channel bed, proposed route etc.


4to. iv + 76p, 5 folding litho plans. Seemly modern wrappers.



Catalogue No: 6370