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(McADAM, J.L.) FLOWER, Edward Fordham

The stones of London; or, Macadam v. Vestries.
London, Cassell, Petter, Galpin, (1880)

An unusual little work, written by a man who had known McAdam personally, complaining that his meticulous insistence on stones for road-metal being broken into small and uniform pieces was being abused "by ignorant vestries in league with corrupt contractors". McAdam had been dead for nearly fifty years by this time and Flowers bemoans the state of roads in London ("I say no road made according to Macadam’s rules now exists"), particularly in Paddington, including as evidence a memorial sent to the Paddington Vestry and a report of an independent inspection by two Midland road surveyors.

The book is illustrated with a scale drawing of a stone of McAdam’s recommended size and one of the size used by the Paddington Vestry.


8vo. 31 + (1)pp, litho frontis. Cloth.



Catalogue No: 4739