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An essay on the present state of our publick roads; shewing the absolute necessity of a total prohibition of the use of narrow wheels, on all carriages drawn by more than one horse lengthways. And the benefit that will accrue thereby to farmers and carriers, to trade and manufactures, as well as ease, pleasure, and safety to travellers.
London, for R.Baldwin, 1756

A rare pamphlet describing the catastrophic state of mid 18th century roads and showing how the design of vehicles, particularly the use of broad wheels, which might act as rollers, could improve the surface.

According to the anonymous author, Highgate road was the best road in London because broad-wheeled waggons had levelled the ruts. He goes on to give other such examples, such as Mr. Wilson of Hertford, who "travelled with eight horses lengthways", thus improving Tottenham road. He also describes the damage caused by narrow-wheeled vehicles, widely used owing to superiority of speed and ease of draught, and cites an experiment described by Desagulier in his "Course of Experimental Philosophy", showing that in fact broad wheels were lighter of draught.


8vo. (iv) + 28pp. Modern wrappers.



Catalogue No: 5308