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HALL, Samuel

Hall's improvements on steam engines; consisting of an improved piston and valve: an improved method of lubricating engine pistons, piston rods and valves: and an improved method of condensing the steam and supplying water to the boilers of such steam engines as are wrought by a vacuum produced by condensation.
Nottingham (1832)

Samuel Hall was a prolific inventor, taking out a series of patents, at first concerned with spinning and bleaching but later covering steam engines. His most famous invention was the surface condenser and in 1831 he produced the first of a series of patents which led to its development.

In this rare pamphlet, he describes the designs covered in the 1831 patent. These include improvements to the packing of piston and valves to prevent loss of steam and the use of a force pump to inject a stream of oil into the working cylinder for lubrication. However, this last could only be used in combination with Hall’s innovative condenser, which ensured a supply of pure distilled water to the boilers, rather than the traditional jet condenser. His overall aim was to increase engine power and reduce fuel consumption, remarking, "It is obvious that the five parts of my invention all mutually assist each other, and constitute a perfect whole".


8vo. 14pp, folding engraved plate. Cloth.



Catalogue No: 5205