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Lecture on the road-ways of England, pointing out the peculiarly advantageous situation of Bristol for the commerce of the West; with remarks on the benefits likely to arise from a rail-road between that port and London.
Bristol, Oct. 19, 1833

This is the first pamphlet on the Great Western Railway to be issued.

The company to build a railway between Bristol and London was formed in 1832 and its first public meeting held in January 1833. Between March and July 1833 Brunel surveyed the line. In August of that year a London committee was formed and the project officially named the Great Western Railway.

Thus this lecture, by one of the best-known topographical writers of the 19th century, came at a crucial point in the early history of this famous enterprise. Britton, who was born near Chippenham, paints a rosy picture of the many benefits that would accrue to Bristol, with its awkward, silty, inland port, with the construction of a steam railway, linking it not only to London with its international markets but eventually to the manufacturing districts of the Midlands.


8vo. 14 + (2)pp. Sewn as issued. A few library stamps of the British Library of Political Science with withdrawl stamp. Preserved in pamphlet case. Skempton No.170, Ottley No.6009.



Catalogue No: 4255