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Statuts sociaux de la société en commandite Manby, Wilson et Cie., pour l'eclairage, par le gaz, de Paris.
Paris, nd but 1821

The "Compagnie d'éclairage par le gaz hydrogène", known as the "Compagnie Anglaise" was one of the earliest and most successful of all the Paris gas companies. It was founded in 1821 by Aaron Manby of the Horseley Iron Works, builder of the first iron steam ships. The proprietors of the company were Manby himself, his London agent, Daniel Wilson, and a French associate, Jean Henry, who had jointly taken out a French patent for manufacturing gas.

The present rare item sets out the legal terms of the new company, including details of shares, duration of the company and so on. The original documents were all signed on behalf of Manby, who was in Britain, by Captain Charles Napier, his partner in the iron steam ship company.

Although it took time to get the project underway, Manby and Wilson had managed to erect a gasworks at Les Ternes by 1825, and in 1829 they lit the Rue de la Paix with gas. Manby's gasworks survived as an independent concern until 1847, when all the Paris gasworks were amalgamated.


8vo. 21 + (1)pp. Original printed wrappers, edges dog-eared and grubby.



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